Getting Started Guide

Hello and welcome!

Alexis here, I’m the maker of Unblah and is a quick guide for you to get started.

Why should you read this guide?

I’m sharing this guide with you, because I want to set you up for success.

Even though the app is (hopefully) “simple”, I didn’t want to assume you would know how to use it.

I want to show you

  • how to install Unblah
  • how to set up your audio for your next call
  • how to get comfortable by doing a quick dry-run

As of this version, you have to use headphones for Unblah to recognize you talking (a headphones-free version is in the works.)

Next up, the practice of getting live feedback on your talking-time is nuanced and takes some time getting used to (at least for me.) So, I’ll give you some tips and tricks for a quick training session that you can do with a friend or, if you want, jump on a call with me!

Next Up